If you’re interested in conserving your land for future generations, trust TennGreen Land Conservancy’s proven environmental stewards to guide you through your options.

Bee Rock Overlook - Photo Credit: Chuck Sutherland

Do you ever wonder what will happen to your land when you no longer own it? What will become of your favorite spot if your property is sold? Or, what will happen to the family farm once it’s passed on to the next generation?

As a landowner, you have the right to permanently protect your property and its natural character. Let’s work together to achieve your conservation goals!


OPTION 1: Conservation Easement

Conservation easements are voluntary legal agreements designed to forever protect your vision for your land and its important natural resources. Every easement is tailored to your unique conservation goals; you retain your rights to continue owning and using your land, to sell it, and to pass it down to your heirs.

An easement can include portions of your property or the entire parcel. It’s legally binding to all future owners, and your property will be monitored by TennGreen’s stewardship staff to ensure your conservation wishes are upheld in perpetuity.



For qualifying landowners who need financial assistance to protect their land with a conservation easement, TennGreen Land Conservancy’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Assistance Fund (WHCAF) can help defray some expenses.

Download a WHCAF application

Thank you to the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund and Ginger & Dr. Dale Ensor for generously establishing this fund!

To learn more about TennGreen conservation easements, the WHCAF process, or to submit your completed WHCAF application, please email our experts at land@camden.k2bh.com or call (615) 329-4441 today.

OPTION 2: Land Donation

TennGreen Land Conservancy also accepts gifts of land. These donations are often the simplest way to protect your land now and for future generations.

Land Donation Options:

  • Outright donation of land
  • Donation of land in installments or partial interests over a period of years
  • Donation of land by will
  • Donation of a remainder interest in land with reserved life estate

Benefits of Land Donation:

  • You will no longer face the burdens that go with owning and overseeing the land
  • You may receive significant tax benefits and you can work with TennGreen to donate the land in installments or partial interests to maximize these benefits
  • You may be providing public benefits to your community, such as clean air and water, scenic views, recreational and educational opportunities, and wildlife habitat

To learn more about donating your land to TennGreen Land Conservancy, please email our experts at info@camden.k2bh.com or call (615) 329-4441 today!

Please note that the information above is intended only as an introduction. All donations are subject to approval via TennGreen’s Gift Acceptance Policy. Please be sure to consult your legal and financial advisors for counsel and tax advice.