Cumberland County

Hinch Mountain

PROJECT PARTNERS Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

This 200-acre acquisition advances important connections along Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park (the Cumberland Trail) to conserve habitat and expand recreational opportunities.

In September 2019, TennGreen and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) announced the acquisition of 200 acres at Hinch Mountain, just outside of Crab Orchard, Tennessee. This key land parcel provides an important connection between Devilstep Hollow/Head of Sequatchie, Bear Den Mountain, and a portion of the trail along Hinch Mountain—all of which are owned by TDEC and managed as part of the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park (“Cumberland Trail”). TennGreen purchased this property on behalf of TDEC in August 2018 to assist with the expansion of the Cumberland Trail. Without this expansion, hikers would have to walk one mile on Hinch Mountain Road instead of through the lush forests of the mountain’s trails.

TennGreen officially transferred the property to the State on September 25, 2019. Under the State’s ownership, the land will provide a safer route for hikers, allow greater access to Devilstep Hollow/Head of Sequatchie, and offer a promising location for a Grassy Cove trailhead on TennGreen’s previously donated Karst Forest at Grassy Cove property. TennGreen and TDEC are grateful to the Cumberland Trails Conference for its generous support of this Hinch Mountain project.